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Core Strength and Conditioning

Is poor core strength the reason behind your back ache?


Having a strong core is the basis of supporting your back, without a strong core the spinal column is put under strain leading to back pain.


You can have your core muscles tested and cooperating with you. Then follow a series of simple exercises and activities to maintain and grow your strength.


Pelvic floor is the unmentionable muscle that we need for good bladder control, core strength and a happy and healthy sex life. If you are female and have had children you may be experiencing poor pelvic floor issues.

As part of the core strength testing we will include the pelvic floor muscles (no need to remove any clothes!). Then exercises to strengthen and improve control over your pelvic floor muscles work much more effectively once you have got them cooperating with you.


Cooperating muscles will improve your strength and mobility
plus help to prevent injuries.

Dietary Transformation

Foods are like friends, some are good to be around and always supportive, while others you think are friends work against you and stop you from achieving your goals.

Learning to recognise which foods are supportive is an interesting journey and it is easier to transform the foods you choose when you are aware of their true nature. Learn which are right for you, and which are not!

​Essential Strength can work with you to create individualised food plans to gain the body composition you desire.


Choosing the right foods will help you achieve your goals.

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