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It's a back pain game changer!

Are your muscles putting pressure on your spine?

Compression from over tight muscles and uneven tension on spinal vertebrae can lead to back pain.


In a healthy body, responsive muscles align bones and create precise balance with smooth movements. When the body is stressed, muscles are tight and they can pull unevenly and too strongly. When this happens to muscles around the spine, it can restrict the nerve pathways and cause back pain. Taking the stress away from the muscle allows the body to begin returning to it's natural aligned posture, reducing pain and increasing strength. 


New Body Therapy gives gentle and effective relief for tight muscles. It Is especially good at freeing the spinal column, reducing and preventing back pain. 


Combine Mind and Muscle Cooperation with New Body Therapy and physical exercise to triple the effectiveness of your sessions.


New Body Therapy gives

gentle and effective relief for

tight muscles.


30 minute session  $60

A New Body Therapy session with Essential Strength includes:

  • a tension assessment locating the exact points of body stress;

  • light and direct pressure applied to the key tension points activating the body to release;

  • follow up exercises as required  

  • a minimum three sessions are recommended for lasting results with follow up maintenance sessions. 

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