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Rachel - shoulder injury

photo 2.JPG.jpg
Start of appointment 1

Past injury causing muscle deficit in left shoulder

Rachel is extremely fit, but she had an injury 11 years ago that had left her with a very drooped shoulder and winged scapular

photo 1.JPG.jpg
End of appointment 1

Activated muscle responding

After muscle activation her shoulder naturally sat in a much better position. This improvement continued with no further sessions.

Daniel - quadricep muscle

Appointment 1

Unresponsive quadricep muscle

Daniel had been following a training program, his right quadriceps muscle was not responding. The vastus medialis showed as inhibited when tested and was then was activated. A process taking around 3 minutes.

Photo taken 22 October

Appointment 2

Activated muscle responding

Daniel continued the training program for the next two weeks, development of the right leg can be seen.

Photo taken 5 November

Appointment 3

Quadricep muscle response achieved

After continuing his training program, the right vastus medialis has grown and matches the left leg. 

Photo taken 17 December

Dave - arm injury

Start of appointment 1

Range of motion restricted

Dave's range of motion was restricted by a past injury 12 years ago, the whole upper body is moving to enable the arm to rotate. Movement causes pain.

Video recorded 10:43am 20 April 

Follow up assessment

Full rotation regained

Improvements have continued, full rotation of the arm regained, and pain free. Only one session required (April).


Video recorded 18 July

End of appointment 1

Range of motion improved

Range of motion is improved, with the body not compensating until much further into the rotation.


Video recorded 11:35am 20 April 

Client review

Dave's review

Dave describing how the muscle activation in April has worked for him. 

Video recorded 18 July

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